Icosahedron Lamp

R$ 230,00

Deliveries throughout Brazil

Availability: On demand

3D printed lamp with triangular wooden base.

Dimensions: 19 cm width X 20.5 cm height

We recommend using LED lamps

Traveler's notebook

R$ 120,00

R$ 98,00

Deliveries throughout Brazil

Availability: On demand

Genuine Leather Cover: 100% handcrafted, made of genuine leather that ages beautifully with use and time. Genuine leather journal is extremely durable, will last you for lifetime.

Perfect Passport Size: Leather notebook size 10 x 14 cm; Easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Includes: Each traveler journal: 1 leather cover + 1 paper insert (64 blank pages) + 1 black elastic.
Customizable: the travel journal is refillable, you can personalize and create your own leather notebook with various refills.
Multifunctional: Great for recording memories, writing your plan, motto or favorite poems, keeping track of travel itineraries, jotting down random observations, drawing or sketching while on the road.
Wonderful Gift Idea: This simple and elegant traveler’s notebook, great for giving as a unique and meaningful gift for travelers, writers or students. Surprise them with this amazing present!


Keychain stand

R$ 35,00

Deliveries throughout Brazil

Availability: On demand

Natural wood keychain, handmade, doubles as a cellphone stand that you can use on your table or as it charges, holding the screen at a confortable angle.

Dimensions: 5,2 cm x 2,5 cm x 1 cm (length x width x height)

Earbud holder

R$ 18,00

Deliveries throughout Brazil

Availability: In stock

Earbuds holder / earphone / headphone cable organizers in natural leather